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We guide companies to become brave and inclusive spaces full of diverse talent

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Welcome to The Third, your catalyst for transformative company cultures. Specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we combine systemic work, leadership, and business strategy to propel companies forward.

In the intricate dance of relationships, we uncover the hidden power of the third entity, the invisible space between people and systems. This is where we operate to ignite systemic change. 


Our mission is clear: empower systems from within, healing this invisible space for a better world in which human connection is leading. 

Challenges abound in today's systems: lacking leadership, enabling toxic behavior, and permitting 'isms to infiltrate. The Third confronts these issues head-on, in an insightful and inviting manner, creating resilient, inclusive cultures that fuel safety, growth, and (work)happiness.

Unlock the potential of the third entity with our expertise. With 15+ years of experience, we are The Third.Join us on the journey towards a bold and inclusive future.

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