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We guide companies to become safe
and inclusive spaces full of diverse talent

Welcome. You just entered the online space of a company that delivers transformation in company cultures. If you wish to internalise and expand your values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, working with us might be the next step in your journey. 

The Third moves companies based on a combination of system work, Diversity,Equity and Inclusion expertise, leadership and business strategy. 

When two or more people exist in a system, there’s an unspoken energy between them. We are all autonomous individuals, but we live codependently and are always connected. We call this connection the third entity – a hard to grasp, invisible space-claimer which is easy to overlook. Yet this is where systemic change starts. We are on a mission to create a better world by empowering systems from the inside out. Healing the third entity. 


And change is needed. A lot of systems are not in their best shape: lacking leadership, unconsciously empowering toxic behaviour,  letting 'isms enter the workplace. This has a tremendous impact on safety, growth and the ability for people to not only perform but thrive, and live happier lives. Together. 

Working in the third entity requires the right knowledge and guidance. Revealing the system to itself will lead the way into connection, improvement and growth. 


With fifteen years of experience acting in the space between, we call ourselves The Third. We build inclusive company cultures from A to Z. We are the voice of the invisible, here to turn companies into safe and thriving spaces for everyone.

Our Program


Our approach is one of a kind. It combines Diversity-Equity-Belonging-Inclusion expertise, social psychology, neuroscience, bodywork and evidence based practice with thorough systemic work and leadership coaching. This allows for a sustainable change, since DEBI is not a flavour of the month, and strategy and implementation will only work if people, systems and processes are aligned. Our 6-gear program gives direction and clarity in this journey. Adjusted to the needs and wishes of your organisation  and therefore always customized. 

the steps it takes

We start with designing our alliance. Conversation, analysis and observation will lead the way into getting to know your organisation and its people on a deeper level. We then move towards revealing the organizational system to itself and defining diversity, inclusion and safety goals and needs. Interactive educational sessions about DEBI and social dynamics will get the team moving. Leadership is challenged and distributed in new ways.

In order to realize substainable change towards becoming an inclusive and safe space, we support every step by coaching and training.

The last phase consists of creating policy and procedures, helping you to walking the talk and manifesting values and the higher dream of your organisation. 

the difference it makes

Our program will not only help your company to create a solid DEBI strategy, it will transform your way of working. Following the approach, we create psychological safety for working together in teams, in leadership and beyond. The steps will shed light on the qualities and talent within your company and give permission to challenge the status quo. Empowering change in your ways of working and policies will produce a more inclusive and equal organisation. A safe space in which everyone will feel a deep sense of belonging.

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