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Our clients kick ass. Not only because they are the most creative, innovative and passionate people we know. Also because the are willing to dive into a journey towards change and self reflection, which is known as uncomfortable, necessary, scary and awkward. Our clients know there is magic in dealing with differences. They know that in order to create a sense of belonging one must also visit the darkside of ‘isms.  The know that people are the most important. They are idealistic realists: dreaming of their companies to be inclusive, to set an example without being moralistic. They know that nothing is more important to performance than the way we treat each other. They walk the talk. 


This unique company had the guts to start a cooperation with The Third in their first year. Their questions: What do we miss? What are the blind spots? How can we relate to multiple perspectives? How can we build a diverse team throughout all the layers of our company?


At NXT we worked with the whole team. Their goal was for NXT to be and breathe inclusion, connecting strongly to their visitors and their neighbourhood. Starting off by exploring their dreams and mission, NXT quickly moved things forward to start a personal training and education program. Within this program, specialists from The Third delivered sessions on Afro-Dutch colonial history, gentrification and the social impact of biases,  and bystander effects. Also the leadership team was coached and supported in their growth.

museum dedicated
to new media art

Working with the Third is a precious journey. The program is well set up and Laura’s personal touch creates impact. She is warm, calm, understanding at the same time pushing us over the edge to open up. She invited us to creative ways of working, movement, constellations. Laura is able to create a safe and open space in which all the voices were heard. Dancing with honesty, putting us into motion, revealing our blindspots. It is making it all richer. Towards our goal of breathing and living inclusive values. 

Natasha (co-founder of NXT Museum)


Dentsu is the worlds most integrated media company. Offering applicable and integrated solutions in a complex world. Dentsu believes that their group of people must be a force for good: "When we do the right
thing as individuals, it becomes who we are as a company". Very compatible with the mission of The Third. 

In our work together we focus on tangible translating the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and beloning in processes like hiring:"The training seamlessly aligned with our organization's needs, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity as a shared mission. The approach, both theoretical and practical, enhanced the awareness and openness of our leaders in the recruitment process."


By integrating theory with practical 'live cases,' the Third Program encouraged a more active role in promoting diversity. This led to tangible changes, such as revamped job descriptions and the establishment of a recruitment project team. "The program was characterized by its strong content, pragmatic and personal touch, focusing on group dynamics and authenticity. Laura's contribution not only elevated the trainer's profession but also significantly enriched our organizational culture."

Laura's exceptional quality lies in her authenticity—she fearlessly addresses challenges without passing judgment. More remarkably, she openly shares her vulnerabilities, inspiring others to do the same. This practice not only fosters a deeper understanding of each other but also encourages a dialogue. By creating a space where discussing pain points is both safe and constructive, Laura not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates an environment that promotes openness, empathy, and meaningful conversation among participants. This unique ability to navigate difficult discussions with a non-judgmental and vulnerable approach sets her apart as a trainer who truly connects with her audience, making her contributions invaluable to the training profession.

Monique Benda (HR director)

Global creative agency

Oxford house is a creative production studio offering film and photography services. Behind and in-front of the camera: they truly see people. We worked together to improve their DEI knowledge, focusing on the world, their company and themselves. The way this team works has so many qualities and inclusive features. But through working with The Third, they discovered their blind spots, the boundaries of their networks, and the exclusive impact of privilege.


The team is now redefining their values to connect to diversity and belonging,  answering this question: How will we grow into a company that not only welcomes diverse talent, but serves as an example in a (production) world where the leading narrative is still white, heterosexual and young? Their journey continues.

Laura  approaches the loaded subjects in a wonderful way and above all show you that with simple tweaks in your daily affairs you can contribute to more inclusivity, authenticity, belonging and equality.


I felt very safe with Laura during the program. There is room for mistakes to be discussed and this happens without judgment, in order to create a pleasant learning environment.

Floris (founder of Oxford house):

Creative production agency
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