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The Third Space / Sundown Sessions
Change Unveiled

May 23rd • 2024
17:30 - 20:30 hrs

Last 7 spots 
for € 120 
(before they go up) 

Embrace the paradoxes of change theory and dive into an immersive learning experience. The Third Space is designed to inspire, move, and cultivate psychological sustainability for your journey in social justice.
This evening focuses on the edgy concept of change. 

As a (social) change maker, DEI leader and / or professional activist, navigating change is second nature to you. But how do you untangle this intricate and subjective process?

In this event, new flavors converge with movement, inviting you to explore uncharted territories.

Thursday May 23rd, right when the day is emerging in the night we will be opening the doors for The Third Space / Change Unveiled, an evening in which learning meets discovery and nourishment. A fresh wind for the mind and soul, new energy for the mission of change makers,  served on a plate of connection, food and movement. 

Peeking behind the curtain, we delve into Change Theory in a way that goes deeper than the rational surface. The evening is focused on meeting new people, gaining inspiration, and learning applicable insights for your work. The Third Space is essentially a meta space where you step back from your work, examining your own process, as well as your role within the system and the psychological challenges that come with it. In this case we explore the psychological impact of change and change-making. In this world with uncountable intersections and polarisation, change is not only collective but also deeply personal. A small change for you can be a significant one for someone else. This is why in processes of change, often misunderstanding, friction, and resistance arise: one person may already be taking action, while another may not even understand the why yet. Fears and triggers play a role.

We'll be visiting this during the evening. Not on an empty stomach. Lelani not only turns food into art, she is also deeply passionate about the colonial history and significance of our food. So, you know where to go straight after work the 23rd. 

Facilitated by Laura te Hennepe (founder of The Third) partnering with chef and food designer Lelani Lewis.
We welcome you to The Third Space, Sundown Sessions

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