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The Third Space

September 6th • 2024

The Third Space is here to regenerate you. Our immersive 4-month leadership program designed for professional activists. Those who create brave spaces for others, can now enter their own. 

Through a blend of psychology, systemic work and creative movement, this transformative experience invites you to enter a diversity of spaces. Embark on an experience of self-discovery and impact. For the work, for the good. For YOU.

Your work, fuelled by the “why” that roots in your blend of identities, has been driving change for many years. But here's the paradox. As you tirelessly work to create a more equitable world, you also meet resistance, (inner) conflict. You might adapt, code-switch, minimize self-care and even neglect your boundaries.
The high demands and pursuit of your mission can lead to (activist) fatigue, cynicism, stress, and even burnout. Not Ok.

The Third Space rekindles the fire. Stretches your range and embraces your layers. It ignites leadership on the next level, in the next phase of your career.

4 live group sessions + 1:1 journey

1. Root - the grounding phase. Inviting you with your feet on the earth, introducing yourself to new layers,  nourishing the body and soul.

In the first part of the program you are invited to dive deep into yourself. The flow, the light, the qualities, and also the challenges and shadow. There is a reason you want to work on your leadership. What is your why? What needs to change in your role / work / impact? How does it connect to your origen story and what is your wished outcome. In Root you will learn how to let your work serve you and the world, instead of being sucked up / overwhelmed / becoming cynical. Here's your access to learn how to  ground, recognise your boundaries and  manage your energy even more clever to keep focus on your leadership. 

2. Reflect - your path, catching fresh breaths, liberating your voice and introspect to pave the way forward.

The second phase empowers your skills of reflection. We will dive into systemic work and theory that connects to you as a change maker. What is your deep connection to change and social justice and where does it sting? Identify triggers and learn more about change theory, personal roles and edges. These insights will shed light on you as individual connected to others: in the relationship, the group, in society. Eventually your knowledge will help you to become more impactful, able to view 360 in social dynamics. 

3: Re-direct - your personal leadership and focus finds solids ground ones you move through what moves you, as you guessed movement is present here.

Knowing is not the same as feeling. We can all chat gpt our way into a fierce keynote presentation, but taking the stage is something else.. In this fase you might need to be fanned of, because you are stepping into some heated action. Re-directing old stories, limiting beliefs and shadows towards confidence and connection. This is a teaching in using your voice. Embracing the tremble and scream anyway. Add presentation, storytelling, engaged conversation to your skillset after phase 3. 

4: Rise - integration and widening your range into new levels. Connection in and out, the embracing of the paradox within and being sky-high. 

At this point you are integrating not only the group work, also your individual path is ready to connect the dots. This is the phase in which the learned is meeting the real world, your work, your why. You as a whole. Feedback and connecting to real life challenges is part of this. And the new skill will be celebrate like you have never celebrated yourself and the people around you (including ancestors and future friends). At this point change making has become light working in stead of lifting heavy weights. 

We start September 6th  2024 

The Third Space is where an inspiring  collective is created, A new place where you can root, reflect, redirect and above all: rise. To unknown levels. Individually and together. To re-enter the arena of change. A regenerated and resilient you.


Company-funded  Participation:

€ 4.200* (excl. VAT)

Freelance / Sole Proprietorship / Individual Participation:
€ 3.200* (excl. VAT)

Early Bird Offer: Register before June 1st and get a 10% discount.

*Additional Info:
If our program's price pose a challenge, please connect with us. Payment in instalments is available.
We are currently exploring partnerships to realise one or two (partly) sponsored seats. Also check you options as, some Dutch subsidies might apply for you (like for creatives and cultural change makers).


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