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Alongside our program, we offer other services which aim to spread psychological safety within systems and companies. We train and coach leaders, DEBI professionals, and people who face challenges in (work)life due to being part of marginalized groups. And we love to inspire. Remember that school trip? Learn more about our offerings:



You and your partner(s) lead your company. Your company is your creation, alive and kicking, growing into a system and culture of its own. Your wish for an inclusive environment sometimes interferes with daily business and … life. Through our coaching, The Third will help you to integrate your value and purpose in everything you do. A company is a reflection of its leaders, you have the power to lead by example and drive change towards DEBI. You will be introduced to the possibilities of your full range.

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Coaching for D.e.b.I professionals

The DEBI field is growing, many inspiring people are working from the heart in this shared mission. It is a massive job. A fulfilling but sometimes tiring field. The Third offers professional and personal coaching for DEBI for you and your heartfelt mission. We help you to grow and develop leadership skills, self-care and resilience.

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Keynotes & Inspiration

Education and sharing is key in the journey of bringing diversity and inclusion forward.  The journey of creating alliance, safety and synergy. We like to add spice to learning. We inspire through keynotes, inspirational sessions and creative events. We have a network of amazing people sharing their knowledge and stories about group-dynamics, rasicm, validism, bodywork, collective trauma, neurodiversity, inclusive leadership, changing the narrative and so on. Let us know if you want to learn more about how we can offer a creative learning session in your organisation.

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